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    [REQUIRED] Server Application Format


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    [REQUIRED] Server Application Format Empty [REQUIRED] Server Application Format

    Post by Forhavu Mon May 21, 2012 1:18 am

    Copy and paste the following and create a new topic in the "Applications" forum with ALL of the answers filled in.
    Answer in complete sentences!

    Please answer these questions and post a separate topic in the Server Applications subforum.

    Answer all questions with the amount of writing that will prove to us you understand what's being asked for and/or have developed a enough back-story to have a strong character personality in game. The more detailed, specific, and spell/grammar checked your responses are increase your chances of joining.

    OOC Questions:
    Minecraft Name:
    What does OOC stand for and mean?:
    What does RP stand for and mean?:
    What does IC stand for and mean?:

    What is metagaming and why is it wrong?:
    What is powergaming and why is it wrong?:

    What is your rule do you most agree with and why?:
    What is your rule do you least agree with and why?:

    Name the 3 immortal races and the 4 factions:
    What experience do you have with roleplaying?:
    What do you expect to be doing on this server?:
    Why do you think you should be accepted?:
    Have you read all of the Lore on our website?

    What is the server IP?:
    What is the meaning of life?(there is one specific RIGHT answer.):

    Roleplay Questions

    Roleplay Name (choose something from a 1400’s era):
    Character’s Faction:
    Character’s biography (childhood, life complications, general character description):

    What are you Character’s ambitions and how does he plan to achieve them?:


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