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    Server Status


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    Server Status Empty Server Status

    Post by Forhavu Mon Sep 03, 2012 6:17 pm

    The server is currently shut down due to account difficulties. We are working to transfer account ownership to be able to continue the server up-time more smoothly. We'll transfer it temporarily to one of us until we are able to stabilize our budget and hold an independent account under ForhavuCraft.

    The server cost has interestingly dropped to around $24 per 3 months, which is a wonderful deal! If anyone is willing to pitch in, that would be very helpful so that we could spread out the cost between us. If just 5 people donate $5 each, it'd cover the cost and then some. Remember though, it is not an obligation and not a requirement, but useful and appreciated. Don't feel forced to do so!

    Anyone who has ideas on advertising, spreading the word of our project, etc., please respond! We'd love to hear ideas.

    Since the server was technically shut down, resuming the account will most likely result in an IP change, but we'll inform you on that when it comes to that point.



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