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    Shadi, The People of Fire


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    Shadi, The People of Fire Empty Shadi, The People of Fire

    Post by DocTwitch Wed Jul 18, 2012 8:23 pm

    Here we have a look at the ways and customs of the reclusive and hostile Shadi of Elztharel. Luckily, this nature does not prevent us from gathering information on their culture, as they are happy to relate such information. That is, so long as they see no reason to kill you at the time. ((History and lore will either be posted later or put up on the main site.))

    The Shadi hold the entire realm of mankind to be corrupt and unjust. They believe its people to be weak-willed and easily turned to or from any path with little motivation. Those who take on the challenge of the Proving, however, are above such things. The Shad cleanses them of and hardens them against evil. They eventually transcend their humanity and join the ranks of Shadi, gaining power and enlightenment.

    All Shadi follow a moral code that sets them above the mortal man. In a simple form, it is as follows:
    - Loyalty to your bretheren above all else.
    - Do not steal from your bretheren.
    - Do not bring harm unto your bretheren.
    - Do not bring harm unto the undeserving.
    - Defend the Shad and Shadi at any cost.
    - Take not pride in your material possesions.
    - Bring swift justice unto the unjust.

    The Shadi acknowledge Fyrafem, though that's usually as far as his worship extends among them. Elztharel is generally worshipped as the god-king of the Shadi, and his word is unquestionable law. Notable Shadi such as Nightlok are venerated as warrior-saints, holy among their people. These warrior-saints always embody in some way the ideals or goals of the Shadi. For example, Nightlok was willing to suffer painful death to defeat his enemy, to become Shadi, and to defend his people. He was given new life, and symbolizes undying loyalty and valor.

    The following is a list of items that are not allowed within the extradimentional boundaries of the Shad, unless a specific exception has been made:
    -Any form of terrain (other than stone) that is not native to the Nether
    -Plants other than mushrooms
    -Pressure Plates

    The following is a list of current occupations practiced by the Shadi:

    -Glowstone Miner
    -Netherrak/soulsand/lava Gatherer
    -Pigman Hunter
    -Ghast Hunter
    -Mushroom Farmer
    -Blaze Hunter

    Note: Only Glowstone Miners may gather glowstone dust.
    Only Mushroom Farmers may own a mushroom farm. Others may gather mushrooms,
    but cannot farm them.
    Although much study has been conducted by scholars and adventurers, there is no known specific 'soldier' occupation. It is expected in Shadi culture that all are capable warriors. This leads us to believe that in times of war, any and all may be called upon to fight.
    Some Shadi have been known to have more than one occupation, as many of them are fairly simple.

    Trade Laws:
    Shadi trade laws are generally well-known, as the outside world has been thoroughly informed of them.
    The portals are used to exchange goods only avaliable to the Shadi for necessities for the sustainment
    of the community, which cannot be aquired on the Shad.
    Those who have not been confirmed as traders are not protected within the Shad, and will not be assisted in
    the case of monster attacks, and are fair game for attacks by Shadi.
    Traders, however, must first be admitted as confirmed traders. They may be representatives elected by one of
    the outside world's nations, or a freelance merchant/band of merchants.
    If a trader is representing a nation, contact must be made and Elztharel must be informed of the trader's name
    and appearance.
    Only one trader may represent any faction, and changes must be made in the same manner as the original was
    If another being enters the Shad claiming to represent a faction and the change has not been officially
    confirmed, said being will be regarded as an unregisted outsider and will not recieve a trader's rights.
    Traders may not enter the Tower or any other Shadi establishment, nor enter Shadi land, unless invited by
    someone with proper authority or an exception has been made by Elztharel.
    Traders may freely enter and leave the Shad, so long as all appropriate laws are followed. Any law broken is
    punishable by death. Any Shadi may carry out this sentence.
    Breaking of laws will also result in a ban from entry to the Shad, and those traders who have broken laws will
    have their trade rights removed.
    Traders may not carry weapons or protective equipment exceeding a quality of iron. Any who carry equipment of
    a greater quality will be regarded as hostile outsiders and will be killed.
    Traders may freely access the tradehouse. Here they may trade with any denizen of the Shad for whatever they
    Prices when exchanging goods are determined upon transaction. What is purchased and what is given in return
    are also determined by the trader and customer.
    Once an exchange has been made, it is final. Neither party may demand a return of goods. If both parties agree
    to return goods to each other, this is regarded as a new and separate transaction.
    No denizen of the Shad may cause harm to any trader unless they have broken a law, or in self-defense.

    The following goods may legally sold to traders:
    -Mushrooms of any kind
    -Food of any kind
    -Glowstone dust
    -Any material gathered from Shadbeasts, with the exception of gunpowder from Ghasts
    Any other materials aquired in the Shad may not be given to ANY outsider in ANY way, unless Elztharel has made
    an exception.

    Outsider laws:
    Like trade laws, these are well-known to the outside world.

    Outsiders may not
    -attack or cause any harm to any Shadi or any property of the Shadi.
    -remove materials from the Shad unless they were aquired as traded goods.
    -enter any Shadi establishment, village, or fortification unless given specific permission by a Shadi with the proper authority.
    -create new portals.
    -destroy existing portals.
    -place any object from outside the Shad into the Shad, unless it is for trading purposes or they have been hired by a Shadi with the proper authority to do so.
    -move any object in the Shad that is native to it, unless it is a creature and that creature is attempting to cause them harm.
    -address any Shadi without important cause or are spoken to first, unless in the tradehouse.
    -enter the Shad without express purpose or invitation, unless they wish to become Shadi, are a trader, or wish to die.
    -enter the Shad while carrying weapons or protective equipment of a quality greater than iron.

    The breaking of any law is punishable by death. Any Shadi may carry out this sentence without repercussions.
    If an outsider has broken a law, they may never again enter the Shad, trade with Shadi, or become Shadi.

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