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    Pyrodude138's server application


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    Pyrodude138's server application Empty Pyrodude138's server application

    Post by pyrodude138 Thu Jun 21, 2012 12:56 am

    OOC Questions:
    Minecraft Name:pyrodude138
    What does OOC stand for and mean?*:Out-of-chracter
    What does RP stand for and mean?*: Role-play
    What does IC stand for and mean?*:In-character

    What is metagaming and why is it wrong?*:Information you learned outside the chracter and using with your character. It makes your character either too powerful or ruins the game play for others around them.

    What is powergaming and why is it wrong?*: Doing things your character could not do or using unrealistic logic or actions.

    What is your favorite rule and why?:No griefing unless ordered by an RP figure of importance. Griefing and destroy people's hard work, but the idea of laying siege is exciting to me.

    What is your least favorite rule and why?:No OOC. I get it, but I guess it will be hard to completely immerse in the character, but I'm sure it enhances the game play.

    Name the 3 immortal races and the 4 factions:Medna, Fyrafem, Trylok. Normakia, Kingdom of Min, Prakia, the Kingdom of the Raeg.

    What experience do you have with roleplaying?*:I played Dungeons and Dragons a bit with my brothers, but not very often and have used Role

    Playing games like Runescape, but you didn't have to form a character.
    What do you expect to be doing on this server?*: I want to follow a faction and participate in the events hosted by the server.

    Why do you think you should be accepted?*: Because I am able to get on often and have an imaginative mind, which would help with the developing my own character.

    Have you voted on http:, and if so what rank did you place us in?: Yes, rank 2,923.

    What is the server IP?:

    What is the meaning of life?(there is one specific RIGHT answer.):-snip: correct-

    Roleplay Questions

    Roleplay Name :Ludovico

    Character’s Faction: Prakia

    Character’s biography:Ludovico was born into a low status quo. He admired Medna from a young age and was driven to spread the beauty and peace represented. Ludovico became so enraptured in the work of Medna and the High Angels that he became naive and ignorant of the world around him. He lived happily that way until his own small village was raided by The Kingdom of Raeg. Until then the young man saw only light, but this attack and the deaths that resulted of it brought him to see darkness as well. This experience was both traumatic and inspiring for Ludovico. As an adult he is a driven and enthusiastic follower of the all that is light. He defends his beliefs and anything that he owes gratitude. His main flaw is the fear of those who follow Fyrafem and lust for darkness and evil.

    What are you Character’s ambitions and how does he plan to achieve them?**: Ludovico works to spread the peace and harmonious beauty represented in Rentilar. His main goal is to create a place free of Fyrafem's evil and to make the world outside Rentilar identical to that of the inside. Ludovico defends his faction stongly, but won'y support anything against Medna. The naivety and simplicity of Ludovico's beliefs makes him a vulnerable, yet dedicated warrior for the graceful customs held by the High Angels and Prakia.

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    Post by Forhavu Thu Jun 21, 2012 7:00 pm

    Under Review

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    Pyrodude138's server application Empty Re: Pyrodude138's server application

    Post by FauxGold Fri Jun 22, 2012 3:39 pm

    Denied. Lore conflictions, minor grammar mistakes.

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